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How it All Got Started


Owner, Andrew Charnstrom

People often wonder how I got started in this line of work? Well, I tell them it all progressed from my high school wood shop classes back in the day at Lakeville High School. I really enjoyed learning how to build things from wood, from the different construction methods to the different finishing techniques. In fact it was my wood shop teacher that told me "You should really consider a career in the woodworking industry."

That's just what I did, I attended the South Central Technical School in Faribault, MN for the two year program of cabinetmaking and carpentry. While attending school I worked evenings at a small custom cabinet shop and gained a wealth of knowlegde learning the trade. Both schooling and the working experience gave me a great start to the very interesting world of cabinetmaking.

After my schooling ended in 1997, I decided to take a job with a trade show exhibit company in Eagan, MN which was a big step to a more automated and sophisticated working environment. I worked in the custom wood shops design department as a technical designer doing the drafting and programming for the automated wood cutting machinery. While helping out in the wood shop from time to time building the more complex designed projects. I learned a lot working with all sorts of different materials, not only wood, but with different plastics, metals, laminates, glass, lighting, finishes, and many others. . . . 

In 2000, I began doing side work for homeowners with custom cabinetry needs, while still working full time. Charnstrom's Custom Cabinets was born, I spent many late nights after work building projects for people and enjoyed it very much. I thought to myself, someday I'd really like to do this full time on my own. As business began to grow steadily I became more and more independant and my thoughts turned away from where I was working and turned heavily towards my own business. So, after working nine and a half years for the trade show company, in 2007 I ventured out on my own and haven't looked back since. 

Charnstrom's Custom Cabinets will be here to service all of your woodworking needs from cabinetry to finish carpentry and everything in between.

Thank you for your interest in the company, I look forward to speaking with you about any questions you may have about your next project. 

Enjoy the web site! Andrew